photo by Mary Silber

Some participants of the MCRN/ICMS Tipping points: Fundamentals and Applications workshop. Recorded lectures, posters and more information are here.

Hans Kaper and Hans Engler's new textbook Mathematics and Climate has been named ASLI's Choice 2013. See award details and flyer for more information.

Outlet glacier in Greenland fjord

David Holland studies the dynamics of outlet glaciers, at the margin between ice and sea, in Greenland fjords. See Science Nation video.

Karna Gowda, Hermann Riecke and Mary Silber show Transitions between patterned states in vegetation models. See "Editors' Suggestion" article in Physical Review E.

Field measurements in Antartica

Ken Golden analyzes sea ice permeability in the Antarctic sea ice pack. See Science Nation video.

Alex Mahalov co-authors "Anthropogenic heating of the urban environment due to air conditioning" in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, available here.

workshop attendees

MCRN and IMA co-sponsored Hot Topics Workshop: Predictability in Earth Systems Processes. Recorded lectures from the workshop can be viewed here.

Welcome to MCRN

Linking researchers across the US to develop the mathematics needed to better understand the Earth's climate

MCRN is a virtual organization that brings together leading researchers across the US to study the mathematics that underlies climate science. For essentially every question asked in climate science, a mathematical model is the vehicle for extrapolating into the future. MCRN, funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, fosters research in climate process modeling, dynamics of climate, and data analysis and assimilation.

MCRN Annual Meeting

Monday, September 15th – Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
Biltmore Conference Room, Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI)
100 Europa Dr. Suite 540, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

The Annual Meeting was preceded by the MCRN Junior Researchers Meeting.

MCRN was a participating partner in "Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013." The Partner Reports of MCRN and many other participating partners are available at mpe2013.org/Reports-mpe2013. MPE2013 morphed into MPE on January 1, 2014. MPE will maintain the momentum of multilevel collaborations (researchers and educators) within the world mathematical community. For more information, please go to Mathematics of Planet Earth.