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Hello and welcome to a blog that deals with climate research, blockchain technology and everything you want to know about cryptocurrencies. We are here to make this incredible and innovative technology spread around the world and become the world currency.

Our Job

To best describe what we do, we’ll shortly explain here what our job is. Mainly, we’re integrating mathematics and climate research onto the blockchain so people all over the world can contribute by paying for service in cryptocurrency called MRCN. We also provide succinct explanations on how you should buy our cryptocurrency safely and effectively.


Blockchain technology is one of the latest popular discoveries. It was discovered a long time ago but it has reached its full potential recently with the popularity of the cryptocurrencies.


As with blockchain, cryptocurrency took the world by storm and around the globe people are competing who will come into possession of it. It could become the currency of future.

Climate changes

Climate changes are present in everything we do. The same goes for world markets of all types. By doing a research, we’re staying on top of things which is important.


I was not that much into all that crypto madness until I saw my friends. they told me about these guys who have invented their own cryptocurrency tokens called MRCN. Been following them since then, they know what they’re doing.


I came here to read something about blockchain technology because I couldn’t find a good source about it on the Internet. When I came upon these guys I was thrilled. Their explanations and articles were mind opening without any doubts.

Trust me when I say, Mathclimate knows their thing and you can rest assured about that. Their articles are accurate and on point, making everyone understand how crypto actually works. Cryptocurrency will become the world currency of future for sure.

Maia Gerber

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