The new cryptocurrency gold rush: digital tokens that raise millions in minutes

Since the gold rush, nothing has been shaking the world lately like cryptocurrencies and the fact that you can get rich if you own them. Oh, when we say you can get rich, we mean overnight. The world has literally gone mad for token offerings and everything about cryptocurrencies. Everybody that is somebody in this world turns their eyes to a phenomenon called cryptocurrency token offering. It has become the latest method for fundraising and it allows raising millions in just minutes.s


Not to mention that everyone is completely crazy about it. This new disruptive mechanism commonly known as initial coin offering has already proved itself to be more than just useful. It has become so useful that it poses a serious threat to displace traditional venture capitalists from the entire process of fundraising. It is a way how the whole Internet business model could be remade but this time with cryptocurrencies and completely, and for the first time, decentralized applications.

The moment cryptocurrencies exploded

The moment cryptocurrencies exploded, so did intial coin offering. The entire business model known as freemium on the Internet could be reinvented by something as simple as token offerings. That means that centralized services like Google and Facebook could become upended. So instead of providing users with some services through their own platforms and social networks, it is now possible to go to those centralized services and find a direct channel between the technologist and the user that will enable the flow of capital.


The only condition would be that the user pays upfront for the tokens. The more it gets popular, the more the demand will rise and the number of users will increase which means that the value of the token will increase as well. Following a simple set of rules, everyone can reap the benefits of the newly established financial system. So, it works very simply. Who gets there first gets the most of it. The truth is, people lost their minds about this because they see it as the opportunity to get rich.