How Human Factor Affects Our Climate

Up until now, many people on this planet were completely unaware of how they affect it. Not the planet itself but the climate around it. Affecting the climate affects our weather and the weather affects us. It is not rocket science to see that if we continue to do what we do, things could become very difficult for us. Climate change is real and it was not caused by something alien or even natural, no, it was caused by us.


Rainfall became more extreme, the ice sheets are melting, the sea levels rise and the ozone layer is getting thinner with each passing day. The research conducted so far has shown that the globe is warming rapidly because of the greenhouse gas emissions. This warming will have serious consequences for future biodiversity of any kind, health, water resources and food security.

Without these necessary elements, we will not be able to survive. The way we use the land at our disposal and with all the ongoing air pollution, we only make the entire warming process quicker. The time has come for us to evolve and improve ourselves as a species and find a better way to create a natural equilibrium with our living environment.


Our ecosystem as we know it is in danger and the effect of this endangerment is most obvious through extreme climate changes that we are experiencing for the last decade. It has become more than perfectly clear that human activities are part of the problem.

The challenge for entire human race

The ultimate challenge has been put before us. It is up to us to try to find a way to comprehend and understand these climate changes, the way they happen as well as what regions of our planet are the most affected. If we are able to predict how the change happens as well as when it will happen or where, we might have a chance of doing something about it. That means that we are not talking only about temperature changes but all other climate aspects as well such as storms and rainfall.

It is an absolute imperative to do this because the entire society depends upon it. If we know what is ahead of us, we have some chance to adapt to it. Current climate predictions are hard to characterize and there is a very high level of overall uncertainty. There is still so much that we don’t know and it is difficult to understand it all. We have created various climate models but the problem is that we don’t understand them fully and completely in order to be able to use them in a proper way.

There are unpredictable weaknesses in these models that we were not aware of before. There are natural factors that are very hard to predict as well as other influential processes that are causing the climate to respond to these influences. It is up to us to determine these global responses.