Is Climate Research Important?

Scenes of storms and flooding all over the world are alarming enough to see that something is going on. Something that is far out of our control. That is quite enough to remind us that we are not all-powerful on this Earth and that climate and weather affect us so. Predicting and understanding what the weather might bring in the near future or even better, predict how climate will change in the next period of time that is coming could be of vital importance for our society and economy.


We and the world around us make one functioning ecosystem and the only thing that could endanger that system could be a sudden climate change that could wipe us away in a single stroke. Most of the people are not aware how climate changes are important in their everyday lives. To them, the climate is nothing more than typical weather conditions they see every day when they go to work and live their lives. The experts, specialists, scientists and experienced meteorologists know better than this.

They are well aware of the influence we have on the climate as well as that it’s our fault that we have sudden climate changes nowadays. They also know how climate varies and is affected by the emissions of greenhouse gases. Now, this is something that ordinary people simply don’t know or aren’t aware of. There are two types of factors that are affecting our climate, human and natural factors.

Understanding the climate system might give us a solution

The fundamentals of how the climate system functions might be the thing we are looking for. Understanding how this system works will provide a vital foundation upon which we could base all of the future research that will give us the valuable insight into the natural climate variability. That variability is what affects us and it’s a way how we can comprehend the effect we have on improving future climate predictions.


Since we can’t change the fact that climate varies naturally which further affects the weather conditions all over our planet. Heavy rainfall and storms pose a huge threat to us and that is why it’s important to predict and understand these natural variations and base the climate research on that understanding. The scientists are becoming aware more and more that our race affects the climate.

Fossil fuels are causing a lot of damage as well as all that cutting down of the forests. People are not aware of their impact on the planet and if we continue to do so, things will not look good in the nearest future. We are running low on time with this. The risks from extreme weather are changing and the odds are not in our favor.

Only by working on improving climate predictions we can do something about this and this could become the most significant thing that would unite the entire human race. We have the knowledge and technology and we need to act.